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4 Hidden Plex Seedbox Settings That You Must Make Use Of

We all have heard of the media partner, Plex, that allows the user to stream media files stored on the media server computer remotely, over the web. Many of you might be using them as well to access the media files such as music, videos, pictures, etc. While some are still calculating the right moment to install this server and get the leverage. 
Whoa. If you are using this plex server then probably you have an idea about the plex seedbox hidden settings. Isn’t it? No? Well, it is never late to learn something new, and especially, if it is related to a seedbox, things go on evolving with time. 
Plex hidden settings are preferably made for advanced users or premium users. However, there are certain hidden settings that every Plex user can make use of. No matter whether he is using a free version or the premium version, the hidden settings are available for all. 
Are you reading to uncover the hidden settings of the Plex media server? Here we go with the few that are noted.
4 Hidden Plex Seedbox Settings That Every Plex User Can Make Use Of
1. Customize the “Default” AlbumSort Section: You must be having your own preferred music collection that you love to listen to in a repeated note. However, using the Plex server without the settings you are just bound to listen to certain songs that are by default added to the album sort section. 
Isn’t this make you boring? Probably yes. However, all your issues can be solved if you are customizing the default album sort with your own music stuff. Changing the default section, you get the access to sort your media files by name, date, artist and other criteria both in ascending and descending order.
2. Remove network authentication: The next hidden settings that you can make use of is the network authentication section. By removing the network authentication for certain networks, you can allow those users to access the Seedbox without any legal verification. Although network authentication for Plex is designed to secure your network from attacks, removing this security you are making ways for people to access the server with ease. 
3. Enable or disable DLNA access: Enabling the DLNA or Digital Living Network Alliance access in your plex server, you can allow your digital media to be shared across more than one device over the same network. The digital media gets digitally connected to devices like laptops, smartphones, etc., enabling the users to stream the media files remotely. You can perform this job by entering binary digit - 0 to disable and 1 to enable.  
4. Customize the number of log files: Log files are integrated with a feature to monitor the activities of the users. What exactly they are watching on the Plex app - is the primary job of this tool. Additionally, it even addresses the bugs, if any, and fix it. 
By default, Plex can restore 5 recent watch files and remove the other files from the history. However, you can customize this default setting by adding your desired number.  
Take Away
Unfortunately, the locations of the Plex hidden settings for different devices are different. If you are using Windows, you have to know the exact steps to find them out. However, the steps are not similar for the Mac users or Linux users. Check them out before you head on to uncover them.  
Uncovering the Plex Seedbox hidden settings you are basically customizing the overall Plex app. Quite challenging, but a true one that creates an instant reflection. 
Use these settings and enjoy the customized Plex app for accessing your media files.