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Sunday, June 14, 2020

Tech Hacking: A Guide to Be Safe from Social Hackers

Did you guys change your passwords too often or you have the same password for each social media accounts?

In 2020, as the world is shifting more frequently towards the tech environment, things have become more complicated and unsafe. Search has found that almost 59% of people use the same password for most websites.*7vm7mc8CHsBeeiOM.jpg

This is the biggest mistake you will do as a business owner or an average person who loves to use social media for fun. As 2020, has been a devastating year for the whole world, some things that are more devastating are cybercriminal activities on the rise. Why is that so?

With millions of users all over the countries have been isolated in their homes, it is less likely that you should be protected by some software that can scan all the links you click and every file you have downloaded as a shield. 

Table of Contents

A guide to being safe from Social hackers                                                                                         1

Do not open any suspicious emails:                                                                                             1

Update your apps regularly                                                                                                             2

Don’t repeat your same password in every account                                                                     2

Keep your accounts sign out or offline                                                                                             2

Be friends with apps that help you remember your passwords                                                     2

‘Save my information for the next time’ be aware of this phrase                                                 2

That’s not the case today, there are some useful tips that can save you from a lot of different hackers around the internet. Before we get into details about what actual ways to protect your accounts, let us solve a big question regarding hackers and hacking. 

Question to ponder?

How Facebook becomes a hacker prey in 2018? If Facebook could not be saved by the hackers, then will the average person can be?

The answer is given at the end.*pBdae8LvYUbE55rk.jpg

A guide to be safe from Social hackers…

Don’t you worry now! The hackers will not access your email, Social media, or even bank accounts? Just follow these easy steps to secure your online security guide and feel relaxed 24/7.

Do not open any suspicious emails:

We are all surrounded by multiple unknown links or emails even messages that look quite suspicious. If you are uncertain about these links or emails do not dare to open it. You are advised to avoid these messages or spam attachments which by clicking on it may expose to malware or virus.

This virus may trigger all your personal information such as bank account number other sensitive details. For example, students most of the time get various links about want to law essay help UK from us, or would you like to purchase an essay near you. Those links are unanimous we don’t know the actual site is worth clicking on or not. 

If you have unintentionally click on the attachment or any suspicious link do not panic, stay smart online is the website where you can easily understand how to protect yourself online and also help you in getting up to date information about all the online threats and to respond to it. 

Update your apps regularly  

You need to timely update all your Applications or laptop and social media accounts when recommended. Most of you guys ignore the update options as it may consume more time than usual or you may think it will change the app or the features of the account completely.   

Don’t repeat your same password in every account

This is a mistake every rookie account holder makes when opening a Facebook or an Instagram account. You need to secure your logins; with that, you need a strong password. Not just any random password such as Cutegirl122345 but something that contains symbols, numbers, and letters mixed in upper scale or lower scale. Try avoiding passwords that have complicated names or numbers or figures that are uneasily recalled. 

Keep your accounts sign out or offline

You don’t want your information to get stolen under your nose. No right! So, avoid being online all the time. When talking about being online means, your Facebook is opened not only on smartphones but on your personal laptops or even in other PCs such as your office or University and your friends IPad. 

These would ultimately help hackers find your profile as easy as possible, just like taking candy from a baby. You should always sign out all your accounts and never leave it open for preys. 

Be friends with apps that help you remember your passwords  

Sometimes it is quite difficult to remember each password from various accounts. You may find yourself roaming around here and there searching for your password in other accounts. 

We know it is hectic to list down each of the passwords, to make things easier management program such as the last pass that will recall all your passwords for you. It makes you remember only one master password. With that laziness and difficulty remembering passwords you often have to reset it from time to time. This makes the whole new hassle of remembering it again. So, don’t suggest easy passwords now. 

‘Save my information for the next time’ be aware of this phrase 

You must have noticed, this above message or option is present while shopping online. This basically means that hackers can easily get through all your personal bank details or credit card information as you have mentioned it for the next time you buy. 

Though you might think this is just information that every E-commerce site gives for easier and convenient to buy or pay the bills at the time of purchase. You can enable this option or go to the settings and see if you can adjust the saved details or clear your cache to remove the saved my information option. 

Now let’s come to the above question….

How Facebook becomes a hacker prey in 2018 if Facebook could not be saved by the hackers will the average person be?

In 2018, Facebook had gone to a major drawback of its security system and how Facebook has handled the user’s sensitive information. Almost 50 Million user's accounts had been exposed. The company got hands with a lot of questions raised about their system, software, and is the data of the users are still protected safely.

But one thing is for sure, you as an individual need to be extra careful in handling those social media accounts. However, things have been sorted out and Facebook has taken legal actions related to the hackers. It has also enhanced the features of security and secure options to protect users from hackers.