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7 Steps to successful selling with Teespring

We can use the internet for selling t-shirts. There are certain things that are common in the sellers of these t-shirts. Among these, the percentage of people who have done the organic promotion of t-shirts is more than 40%.

This type of promotion is free of cost. Here, for doing the advertisement there is no need to pay money.

Now I am going to tell you 7 steps to successful selling with Teespring.

1. T-shirts must be designed according to the interests of the people – There can be several occasions when the t-shirts are seen by you. These can be seen by you in a shop or when these are worn by the people. You should consider the structure, ideas, and design of these t-shirts instead of copying these. It will be good for you if you have a hobby and you can use it for t-shirts. Add with your hobby a slogan and apply it on a t-shirt design. You have to make sure if somebody has not already used your idea. To make a good-looking t-shirt you can take the help of tutorials available online if you have little or no knowledge of design. If you do not want to pay money for designing then you can use Inkscape and GIMP. You should not take too many days for designing and it should not be complex. Simple design looks good.

2. The t-shirts must be made available to the people – You can use a fulfillment website of t-shirt or Teespring so that your t-shirt can be set up on these. To check if the preview of your t-shirt is perfect or not you can utilize the tools available on these sites. Very good customer service is given by Teespring. In the process of scaling a quick payment is made by them.

3. Do some marketing of the t-shirt for nothing- On the mailing lists, Facebook groups and Forums you should search the people whose hobbies match yours. The groups can be having certain terms which should be checked by you with so much care. You can post the commercials related to your hobby with their permission. You can do messaging to the moderators if permission is not given by the groups.

4. Start selling one or two t-shirts – Some people whose interests are similar to yours can purchase the t-shirts having your slogan on them. In case the t-shirts are not purchased by them you should have a look at their feedback. If the t-shirts are not purchased by them and only liked by them then you should ask the reason for not purchasing these. The reason can be the high price. If one or two people like to purchase your designed t-shirt then you should sell them the t-shirt, so that other people may also start taking interest in it.

5. Scaling and paid ads – After one or two t-shirts are sold by you, an advertisement can be put on Facebook requiring a very small amount of money so that the people whose interests are similar to yours can see it. To know how paid advertisements can be used perfectly you should see on YouTube the Teespring’s videos and Teespring’s Training Center. A nice name must be selected by you for running the advertisement on the page of Facebook. You should start scaling up after getting profitable advertisements. Care should be taken to getting a good ROI. To learn deeply about this component of business some extra time needs to be spent on it by you.

If even a single person has purchased a t-shirt who has no relation with you then there is no need to pay money for doing the advertisement. The t-shirt cannot be profitable to you if nobody has purchased it from you. You should not pay extra money for advertisements.

6. Some more products should be made by you – Each day one or more items should be sold by you. It has been said that 90 % of the t-shirts either earn a very little amount of money or sometimes lose money. In that case, some more campaigns must be launched by you. It has been found that about 100 t-shirts are sold by a very few numbers of people and around 20 t-shirts are sold by a large group of people.

7. The t-shirt must be designed in one hour only – As you have to sell the t-shirts also, so you should spend very less time in designing these. If you have taken 1-week time for designing the t-shirt then how much extra time will you need for making arrangements for its sale? As more and more t-shirts are designed by you in less time the more are the chances of selling these and earning profit. You should spend 1-hour time designing one t-shirt.

A t-shirt design can have slogans, logos, words, pictures, or images on it.