Requirements To Travel To The United States (Procedures And Visas)

It is normal, there is a lot of confusion regarding the requirements to travel to the United States. What if I need a visa, what if not, what if this form, what if travel insurance ...…are a lot of things.

That is why here we wanted to collect the essentials according to your intentions (since they will not ask you the same if you are going to travel as a tourist as if you are going to study or work ). Here we will see each case. Ready? Let's go there:

Essential requirements to travel to the United States

There are several documents that are essential requirements to travel to the United States. And wherever you come from (unless you're American, of course). Let's start by looking at the issue of visa, which is always what travelers are most concerned about, and then we will go through the issue of passport, travel insurance, and the mythical Form I-94.

At the end of the article we will leave you with other tips, that although they are not requirements, they are important. See the topic of credit cards, driving license, vaccines, etc ...

But everything by your order, please. Let's start with the first headache (which is not so bad) of many. The subject of the visa and / or ESTA :

1. The essential visa to travel to the United States (the famous ESTA)

The visa, essential. You will have to remove one and the other depending on the reason for your trip. In general, if you go sightseeing less than 90 days it will serve you with the ESTA ( Electronic System for Travel Authorization or Electronic System for Travel Authorization ).

A lot of eyes when it comes to getting it online because there are websites that seem very safe and official but then they will charge you up to 6 times more for nothing. If you want to remove it, do so only through the official ESTA website.

This authorization is valid for two years unless the passport with which you request it expires earlier. We will talk about this later, but take a look at the expiration of your passport, which is important.

 The ESTA is worth $ 14. That is the official price. If you see that you find a website with a higher price, do not trust it! Process it only from the ESTA official website.

What do I need if I am going to travel to the United States for tourism?

If you are Spanish and you travel for less than 90 days, you will not need a visa (the ESTA will serve you). If you are from another country that is NOT on this list ... you will need to process a visa.

The countries exempt from Visa (but that need the ESTA as a requirement to travel to the United States) are Germany, Andorra, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Brunei, Chile, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia,  Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Norway, New Zealand, Portugal, United Kingdom, Republic of Korea, Czech Republic, San Marino, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan.

When you finish filling out the form and you have paid the $ 14 fee (if they ask for more, it is because you are on the wrong website and they will cheat you) you will receive the confirmation to print and an application number that you must keep as your life.

Also, remember that ESTA is valid for two years or until your passport expires, so keep this in mind before traveling and plan ahead. 

 Process ESTA only from the official website. It is worth $ 14, if you see that you find a website with a higher price, do not trust!

Anyway, whenever you have a question you can go to the American Embassy and ask right there, who will solve all your questions.

What do I need if I go to study in the United States?

If you plan to go as a student then the ESTA will not serve you. You will need to process an official visa and go to the American Embassy. As long as they are complete courses or official stays of more than 90 days, of course. Remember to carry your passport and keep it in order. Later in this article, we will delve deeper into the subject.

What do I need if I go to work in the United States?

If you plan to travel to the United States in order to work there then you will not be able to enter via ESTA and you will need to go through the United States Embassy. It is a mandatory requirement and a procedure that you will have to do yes or yes.

2. The mandatory and valid Passport

This I think is the drawer, right. If you plan to travel, anywhere, outside the borders of your country, always carry your passport with you. Just in case.

Man, if you travel a weekend to Rome and you want to take only the Spanish ID, you can do it without a problem. Although we always recommend the passport with you, and in order.

Of course, to travel to the United States you will have to have your passport in force, and that it does not expire before or during your stay in the country.

Remember that even if you travel with minors, they will have to have a passport too. Yes, even if they belong to the same family since this document contains the holder's biographical data in the machine-readable area.

Passports must also have two blank sheets in order to be sealed.

3. Travel medical insurance

Many of you may already know that medical care in the United States is expensive.  We all have in mind the typical anecdote of a friend or family member who says he sprained his ankle in "I don't know where" in the US and ended up almost mortgaged to pay for treatment.

Travel with travel insurance is always recommended, but in the  United States, even more so. Visiting a doctor already costs a pasture and an emergency can be had by anyone.

If you travel to the United States, you need travel insurance that covers ANY health emergency or hospitalization 24 hours a day. We could say that it is a requirement to enter the USA but in truth, it is not, although a tremendous recommendation.

After having investigated the value for money of different travel insurance to the United States, we have seen that the  Totaltravel offered by Intermundial is the most recommended.

In them, you will be covered in case of accident or illness, in addition to including repatriation, luggage, delays, cancellations, etc ...

One of the advantages that I liked most about this travel insurance to the United States is that it is fully customizable, so you can upload or download coverage and see how the price of the insurance varies. In this way, you can make it totally specific to your needs and exact travel dates.

4. Form I-94?

And that? What the hell is it? Don't worry, since 2013 there is NO NECESSARY.

The oldest of the school will remember the paperwork they made you sign before entering the United States. This is the customs issue, but if you are not carrying anything unusual, nor are you going to suspiciously trade anything that is not legal, do not worry.

Take your return flight confirmation with you and that's it. Although since 2013 the Customs Office has electronically obtained the entry and exit data of travelers entering the United States by air or sea.

Another issue is if you cross by car from Canada or Mexico, then you will have to fill them out (right there) and it is an essential requirement to enter the United States.

5. Credit cards, vaccinations, and other issues

Today it is not necessary to be vaccinated to enter the United States. It is always good to have the vaccination record in order and updated, but this happens to you in the United States, London, Seville or Madrid.

As for credit cards, we always carry several "just in case." It is very common to use the card for almost any purchase, and we always recommend that you try to pay and withdraw without commissions abroad.

Think that if you are going to rent a car (you will need the international driving license, of course) they will ask you for a credit card (not debit) where they will charge you a deposit.

Well, and with this, we finalize our requirements to travel to the United States. We leave you now with the end of the article and some discount tables.

By the way, if you do not know Holafly, take a look at the article on the data card to have the Internet in the United States.

What did you think of this article with the requirements to travel to the United States? Did you know them all or did you have something in mind?

Although we cannot advise you in the first person, we can recommend that you speak to the consulate of your country instead of having doubts. It is important to do all these procedures BEFORE flying since once there it can be very complicated.

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