What Are Throwing Knives And Why Are They Still A Thing?

Did you know that a phenomenon such as a throwing knife exists? It is a sneaky and effective little tool to deter your enemies. But who even fights with knives anymore, right?

Even if the concept of throwing knives seems absurd to you, they are still quite popular and here is why. 
  • Throwing knives are smaller, sharp-pointed knives that are meant to confuse and confound. 
  • They have a heavier bottom, and a finger ring, and a needle-point at the top. This allows the knife to be thrown effectively and be aerodynamic. 
  • They are not to be confused with ninja throwing stars; due to multiple points and sleeker design, throwing stars are much faster and effective.
  • But the knife and stars both serve the same purpose; to mislead your opponent and escape.
  • Throwing knives allow you to misdirect someone by lightly cutting them, or diverting their attention to quickly get away.
  • Other than warfare and combat, they are now also popular as party tricks and collectables. 

Are Throwing Knives For Sale Legal In The U.S.?

If you are lucky enough to be in a state like California; you can legally carry a throwing knife, without a sheath by law. Other than that the laws on carrying and using throwing knives are different for each state. They are classified as daggers and dirks and have regulations against public use, but you can own them as collectables. 
They are still sold and can be bought if you are of age and can handle blades responsibly. Since it is very hard for throwing knives to be deadly when thrown they don’t pose much threat. But a blade is a blade and must be dealt with caution and experience. 

Where Can I Get Throwing Knives For Sale?

If you are looking in the right place, it’s not hard to find real throwing knives. They are a growing trend for weapon collectors. You can definitely look into your local stores to find high-quality throwing knives, but the internet is your best bet. Despite their popularity, they are a novelty item but that is what online stores are made for! You can find colorful, metallic, matte, graphic and simple designs according to your taste. 

 What Are The Best Throwing Knives?

If you are already a fan of throwing knives, then you’re all set to buy some for your collection already. Here are some kickass collectable designs of cool throwing knives that will surely tempt you to buy more.
  • Perfect Point 3 Piece 9 Inches Length Multi Color Throwing Knife Set with Sheath;
If you already have throwing knives, then you probably already know about perfect point throwing knives. You can find the wackiest designs in their catalogue and buy them at reasonable prices. This set is also their production, and the color accents with the matte black truly make these a collectable set. 
  • Perfect Point 9 Inch Length 2 Piece Throwing Knife Set Thunder Design;
As promised, if you’re looking for awesome and eclectic, then here’s another perfect point piece for you. This graphic detail throwing knives set has bright blue lightning detail and two-tone blades. They’re perfect for sprucing up your party tricks.    
  • Throwing Knives 7.5 Inch Dragon Design 2 Piece Throwing Knife Set;
Speaking of sprucing up, these throwing knives are one of those weapons that can easily be customized. Since they are collected as well, the crazier the detail, the more attractive they are as weapons. Who doesn’t love the mash-up of dragons and blades? In knife lingo, these beauties are a match made in heaven. 

Awesomely Collectable, Delightfully Affordable - Buy Cheap Throwing Knives

As emphasized before, if you’re the kind of person who enjoys collecting unique weapons then throwing knives should be on your list. They are super sleek and if you know how to use them right, they can be real show-stoppers. 
If you like the knives that are featured above, then there are plenty more where those came from!  The best bet is to find online stores that sell wholesale knives, like PA Knives. You can get cheap knives like the ones listed above for under only $12. Thanks to the wholesale rates, you can buy one or buy them all, without draining your pockets.

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